Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Week of School

 First morning of school, new chalkboard drawing (without explanation = mystery), new calendars, new school stuff, special breakfast; always a special memorable day!

 A special friend is letting us borrow her Waldorf Calendar for the upcoming school year. We are honored to have it in our home for the year! Thankyou!!

 Checking out their basket of new school supplies, pencils, silks, books, main lesson books etc.

 Last of the garden flower posies making it's way to the house.

 "push and pull" kneading the spelt sourdough challah bread for Rosh Hashannah.

 We are studying Hebrew culture, traditions and ancient history through stories, crafts, song and celebrations this fall. Here is our table set for Rosh Hashannah. (social studies :)

 Final non snowy Friday playground day of the year. (P.E) 

 Celebrating Michaelmas with our Children of the Boreal Homeschool Cooperative. Wearing silks that we dyed earlier this summer with flowers, wearing willow crowns braided by the kids...
(social studies)

 Walking the Spiral.

 Passing the light.

 Final garden harvesting. The kids are hauling a tub of comfrey root to the house to chop up for medicine, fresh comfrey root oil. (science :)

What our mornings look like for at least a little while, both kids working quietly and me seizing a precious moment to step back to survey the peace that temporarily reigns in my kingdom.
(language arts and math :)

(note water color paintings from first week of water color painting series (art )

Last week of "summer" before lessons

 I was going to start school the week of September 15th, but instead decided we needed a week of no structure after celebrating Avery's birthday weekend. So we went hiking with friends one day, tie dyed t-shirts on the back porch the next day, and made it down to the cranberry patch to pick cranberries and play with friends on the third day. Needless to say, I'm glad we made the most of the final days of summer... or fall.

The girls were picking low bush cranberries and smearing them on their cheeks and lips. Such an inherently girl thing to do.

 Some of the boys were trying to make a fire and none of us had thought to bring matches. Noah took a turn at the stick, without much success. I think we were missing some components.

One of our goals for the summer was to tie dye together, and we did it, just barely. A summer tradition in the making for sure.

Last goat walk and flower pressing

 One lovely day in September the kids and I took a walk with the goats before gathering leaves to press. I had an inkling that it would be one of our last and it was. Above is Eden, our favorite doeling out of Xanadu, sold now. 
 Noah standing behind Cammie, one of his favorite goats who is now in a new home doing well.

 Ember, My favorite doeling of this year, oh I doted on her. Her rump looks short and steep in this picture but it's not. She is now with her dam in a very nice new home. I will get to see them regularly, so I'm looking forward to watching her grow.

 We pressed flowers and they turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined. Now I have to find a special craft to feature them.

Avery's Sixth Birthday