Friday, May 1, 2009

On top of it all

Avery is pretty proud of her new found skills. At seven months she is pulling herself to standing. At first she had no fear and would let go of whatever she was holding on to and would just try to walk away. When she falls she cries so hard, not because she is hurt but rather because she is mad. She is starting to walk around the chair or couch while holding on and has realized that she can't just let go like she wants to. As of last night Avery's first tooth broke through the surface. She has has a low fever and has been real fussy the last couple days. I haven't been sure if it is just from teething or if she has the same cold that is affecting Noah.
This is not what it looks like outside anymore. I took the following pictures about two weeks ago. In the winter our walks are confined to the driveway and along narrow trails leading from the house up to the bucks and chickens and further up to our does stall. Walking off trail is not something I do unless I'm rescuing a determined child or other animal escape, although the later tend to have more common sense and also stick to the paths. The goats and chickens do not like snowy feet. Imagine Noah's delight when one Spring day he realized that Chana was running across the surface of the snow without falling in. He ventured off the path and sure enough, he too could run around anywhere he wanted to go. The way the snow was melting the top had compacted and formed a firm crust. We larger beasts; Dustin, I and the goats were too heavy for this revelry but Noah and Chana enjoyed their freedom thoroughly. We had a great time watching them, and everyonce in a while Noah would fall in and call for help. He learned to roll out and away from the hole before standing up again.
"This is pretty cool mom. I'm on top of the snow. You can't stand on top of the snow!"

Runnin around and around
Oops. As the week progressed Noah fell in more and more. His boots were and still are constantly wet inside.

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Natalia said...

This is so cute and I can imagine my kids enjoying the same kind of fun.