Thursday, June 18, 2009

Honey laid an egg!

Something special happened today: Honey laid her first egg in about five months or so. She started going broody in December and we broke her of it once and then she went broody again and got to hatch a few chicks. Above is a photo of her and her adopted chicks. Today I stopped by to check and see if she and her chicks needed water or feed and what did I spy - but an egg laying on the ground. I had read that Cochins lay white eggs, but her's is brown- no wonder we were always confused about who was laying what eggs last winter. We were never certain whether the little white eggs were her's or the Cornish. After I picked up the egg, Honey was acting like she wanted out of confinement, so I let her out (leaving her eleven adolescents behind). She headed up to the the chicken pen and seemed to be quite interested in the rooster - who was returning her attention with like kind. So I let her in and sure enough...lets just say that they she tolerated his affection without protest. I checked on her at bed time and all the adult birds were inside on the roosts, but she was at the door wanting out. I carried her back to her chicks (who were quite relieved to have their mom back). I'll be interested to see what happens next and when she'll be ready to leave her chicks for good. Her chicks are about two months old now - not wee ones anymore. I think they would be fine on their own. And we sure could use another layer even if it were an occasional layer like a Cochin. Two of our other layers are broody right now and I have them in a kennel without bedding, hoping to break them of their wicked or rather natural habits. And we have a crippled hen. I have no idea what has hapenned to her but she can't walk, but is still laying some eggs, and is generally a good layer of lovely blue eggs. Needless to say our egg production has reduced significantly so we will be hoarding our eggs for a while until times improve.

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