Monday, September 7, 2009

A fall day

Fall Splendor

Tall birch trees fully dressed
in their finest
gold garments.
Breathing slow and steady
less a strong wind blow
their fine clothes off.
Soft baby blue sky intensifies
into true blue,
brilliant orange birch,
arms outstretched, reaching up...

Other than the usual; dish and diaper washing, floor sweeping, house tidying, goat milking, cheese making, animal feeding and meal making... I am hoping to start a batch of dill pickles. Can't decide whether to make an old fashioned brined recipe or a quick batch of refrigerator dills. I am using farmer's market pickling cucumbers and my own dill and garlic. The highlight of the day will be picking cranberries. This afternoon when the sun has warmed the ground and the kids are willing, I'm looking forward to walking down below the house and sitting and picking low bush cranberries in the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Emily! Good to talk to you today. Sorry to hear about your buck. A hard decision.

I'll try to get over sometime this week. It may be the weekend, though, now that school's started.

Good blog, by the way.