Monday, January 11, 2010

Twenty Below

The thermometer is reading twenty below zero this morning. Sounds like with wind chill it may be closer to thirty below in the hills, about as cold as it is in town. Tonight's forecast calls for thirty to fourty below zero in town and twenty below in the hills. The highs for the week are around ten below zero. Brr.

I exchanged the regular light bulb in the top chicken coop with a heat lamp yesterday. I'm thinking of doing the same for both goat stalls tonight. Other than that, Dustin did all the farm chores before leaving for work this morning. I have no plans to leave the house except to take a walk and check on everyone and get eggs when Avery takes her afternoon nap. Thankfully the woodstove has been keeping the house in the seventies during the day without any help from the Monitor Heater. Sounds like a good day for some bread baking.


aubryz said...

I always hate to compare my weather to yours. Yours kicks my weather's backside everytime. But.. We're rained in. It's cold, it's wet and muddy. A good day to stay in and bake bread for us too! I love to read the blogs of so many like minded people. So many people spending the cold and or wet season inside with family and food.

Tealah said...

Sounds like a LOVELY day to make bread!

This may sound strange, but I envy you right now for your weather. I grew up in the upper peninsula ofMichigan, which isn't quite as cold but certainly gets down there. Living here in Washington, the winters are much warmer and I find myself missing the chill and getting bundled in layers before heading out to the barn.