Monday, July 19, 2010

July days and beginning harvest

This morning is my first on the computer in quite some time. It is not usual for me to take such a long break from posting or blog reading, and it is not due to how busy we've been. I have been lost in a world of make believe, coming to the surface to make meals and read to the kids. Over the last week and a half I've been reading the Twilight series. The fourth and final book I read twice as I sped through it too fast the first time and wasn't ready for reality when I found myself at the end. I have always loved to read and have easily lost myself in novels. Since Noah was born, I have only read a handful of books. I have felt like there has been no time for reading, but maybe I just knew myself too well and wasn't ready to dive into something that takes me too far from my children and my reality. I don't come to the surface pleasantly, as my mom and husband will attest to. I think the Twilight novels are so popular because they are a classic and endearing romance which is easy to read and get lost in. They lack in rich imagery. I found myself wishing they had been written for adults rather than teenage girls, but then I guess the lack of romantic information and detail is part of the charm, leaving plenty for the imagination. I have thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in the world of Edward and Bella, and look forward to seeing the final novels on the big screen. These books have re-awakened my joy of reading and I am excited to return to the world of books and imaginary characters.

By now I suppose you are wondering how I've made so much time for reading at such a busy time of year. I've been sick for a couple weeks, (otherwise I never would have gotten so much reading time in). Without going to the doctor, I'd say I've had a serious sinus infection, in addition to a bronchitis like chest infection. I had been treating myself with a liquid diet of kombucha, fresh vegetable juices, ginger root tea, breathe easy and echinacea tea and vegetable soups. This, combined with lots of laying around and doing the minimum around here was not enough. Thanks to a reminder from my mother-in-law via my husband, I started taking some goldenseal tincture and drinking small amounts of grapefruit seed extract, which both have antibacterial properties. The first night after starting this regime, I started sweating this sickness out. Yesterday I was feeling on the mend, and today even better. Thank goodness, because I really have been doing just what I've had to, simple meals, minimal laundry, dishes and cleaning. I am ready to get back in the kitchen. I've had rhubarb sitting in the fridge waiting for me to turn it into jam. I've got a couple cabbages waiting to be turned into sauerkraut. We are almost out of bread...and there is so many things we could be harvesting if I had the energy to clean and cook it.

We've been picking peas, zucchini and pulling beets, radishes, scallions and turnips. There are several decent size heads of broccoli ready along with some nice size napa cabbages. The greens are getting out of control. The weather has been cooler and rainy, making for few garden chores.

carrots (some hairy ones), and scallions


picnic in the garden, picture from end of June

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