Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Snow

Today we enjoyed our first snowfall of the season. Thankfully, most of it is melted now, with more expected tomorrow. On waking up this morning I was enjoying the bright orange carpet of birch leaves blanketing the forest floor, feeling so thankful that we've had more than a few days to enjoy the fall colors. I was standing at the kitchen sink, doing dishes and gazing out the window and at first I thought it was just more birch seed falling from the trees as there have been many times over the last week where I wondered if the seeds were the first snow flakes, and as it started to snow harder I was elated and panicked simultaneously. The kids were excited, especially Noah, who brought in a snow ball to show me that the snow was actually wet enough for snow balls and snow men, usually our snow is too dry.

I felt that I should be running around outside making sure everything was up off the ground and stored away. I had to keep reminding myself that it really was all done, as we've been gathering and storing tools and tarping wood piles for a while now. There is certainly a feeling of a great weight being lifted off, as once the ground is frozen and the snow has covered everything, it seems only right that I should be indoors stoking the fire and cooking soup and baking pies. And that is what I absolutely adore about this time of year, so much good food and the time to enjoy it!



wendyytb said...

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love the first snowfall, and as pretty as it is...I find myself yearning for spring before long.

We still have warm days here, but the nights are much cooler now. It won't be long.

Wendy in Ontario

Geek 3000 said...

Oh!!!! No pictures!!!!

Michaele said...

I enjoy your blog and the fact that you are welcoming winter. We don't have snow yet, but I am looking forward to some indoor activities also.

Emily said...

My camera has been missing for a few days, and it was discovered out on the wood pile last night. Thankfully it survived the cold and wet, so I'll take some pictures today as it is snowing again, and very pretty.