Friday, January 7, 2011

Junior Does

Yin is our problem goat at the moment. She will be three years old this spring and has yet to be bred. She is our only goat I've had a hard time catching in heat. She spent month in with a buck this fall, without noticeable results. I'm beginning to think she is a dud. Nice looking though, I think... She is out of Xoe and Lew.

I have a very simple website (which is under construction) with pictures and information about our LaMancha herd. I have been neglecting this site and haven't updated it since last spring. I recently thought I'd remedy that and begin uploading some photos of the junior does and bucks. The site editor that I've used in the past without issues, has been giving me all kinds of trouble. In addition, the hosting service is saying that I'm trying to publish too much, even after deleting a bunch of stuff to make room. To top that off my buck page is completely missing. Not sure how that happened. Beings that it wasn't much to begin with, I'll take that as encouragement to do a better job this time around. I'm at a standstill trying to decide whether to pay twice as much for the next package up. Or just organize this blog so that it is easier to find goat pictures and lineage history. Or do something else altogether.

So, my temporary solution is to post some pictures of our junior does here and link to it from my doe page. If you've been following a long for a while some of these photos may be familiar.

Above and below, Zuri. She is bred to Zanzibar, due to kid March 25th
Zuri is out out Maggie and Lew, both Lucky Star Farm kids
She is looking really good right now - for January. So I'll try and get some better body shots. Maggie was our strongest doe, so I've got high hopes for Zuri. I can not wait to see her udder. If Zuri has a doeling, I will be very tempted to keep her.

Avalon, pictured above and below, is a 2010 doeling out of Xanadu and Xavier. We have decided not to breed this years doelings, despite their obnoxious and obvious behavior during heat cycles. 
We are planning on breeding the 2010 girls next fall.

Asia, top right and below. Asia is out of Xoe and Xavier. Xoe, while a lovely doe and dear to my heart, does not have the nicest udder (which really shouldn't make a difference except in the show ring or maybe in old age?). Although milkers with big hands will appreciate her large teats. So, I am eager to see how her daughters udders differ from hers once they freshen.

 Zinnia is a 2009 dry doe. She is out of Rose, to her right, and Lew. Rose has been our highest producer and most consistent milker. She also has the nicest udder out our three senior does. For most the summer and fall I was getting almost a gallon, 7-8lb of milk. I just dried her off as she is due in mid March. Zinnia is bred to Zanzibar. She is our first doe due to kid, March 11th. Zinnia is pictured in the two pictures below as well.


Michaele said...

Really nice! Thanks for the goat post!

donna said...

Very good pictures. I know absolutely nothing about goats so your entry was very interesting to me. Enjoy your day and God bless.