Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fall goat baby, Brie

 Here is our new fall goat baby; Brie. The older goat kids are too big for my children to play with, as the goat kids like to jump and climb on us which knocks Noah and Avery right over. So they are enjoying the new little one. Asia is out of Xoe and Xavier. Brie's sire is a mystery. In order to register her we will have to do a paternity test. Asia has not been handled much and as a result; she is a wild thing. I vow that this will be my last wild new mom. It is going to take a lot of soothing handling and patience, before she a well behaved milker.

And it's a wrap. Kidding season 2011 is finally over. We have six freshened milkers, who gave us seven doelings and five bucklings. We lost two doelings. We currently have all five doelings. We have managed to sell one registered buckling for breeding, two whethers for meat, and we are raising two with plans to butcher them in the fall. All the kids, with the exception of Brie, are in the weaning pen, away from their dams. We are milking five does in the morning and getting between three and six pounds per doe, totalling about three gallons. If there were more demand for milk, I would milk twice a day and have twice as much milk - someday. We have a milker for sale and a couple doelings for sale, as the Doe barn is going to be too crowded come winter. Time to hang up some flyers around town.


Miranda said...

She's adorable. Kind of a nice surprise, eh? I love how pleased your kids look :)

Anonymous said...

And I sit here thinking about freshening my girls for milk in the spring.... What a cutie!

Amish Stories said...

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