Monday, June 18, 2012

Mid Summer Nights

Every year at this time, I find myself attempting in vain to capture these magical summer nights with words. Scroll back through my June and July posts from the last few years and you'll see what I mean. The posts something like this, I'm sitting on my front porch, facing the sun in the west and watching the goats enjoying their dinner. My family is asleep. Although it is late into the evening, the sun is shining strong and and the air is warm and comfortable. All around is green. The thrush are still singing. The breeze is gentle. 

These are the perfect evenings. The mornings are beautiful too, but I'm moving too fast to really enjoy them. Scrambling to do dishes, laundry, sweep, make breakfast and start the bread before the kids and I head out to milk the does, who have been looking up at the house for the past hour while I opened and closed the door, filling water jugs, setting out milking pails, bringing in rags to wash and so on. I've been trying to finish chores and eat lunch or take lunch to the garden by noon, before it gets to hot for the kids, as we have barely a towel length of shade in the whole garden during the middle part of the day. We are all scratched and sore, bug bitten and a bit sunburned - myself especially. If the sun is shining I cannot help but be in it's rays. Making up for lost time.  I went in for a routine doctor's checkup this past week. She felt my pulse and said I was definitely yang deficient and could use more sun and heat in my life - and of course I was like, TELL BE ABOUT IT!

There is no place I'd rather be in the world than in Fairbanks in the summers, especially around Summer Solstice. This time of year is magical. Too think that all was frozen and white a couple months ago, and now is alive, growing at a rapid pace and oh so lush and green. We've had the best weather so far this summer, the perfect balance of sun and rain. Our homestead is at the top of a hill, so often we hear the thunder, but the storm goes around us one way or another. This year, we have been fortunate to actually receive the rain and not just glimpse it in the distance. Tonight was my second night watering the garden this season. Everything is taking off, and I just can't wait for our own peas, zucchini and broccoli. For now, I'm trying to be happy with tatsoi, arugula, chives, sorrel, lovage and some mixed greens. Well, it is time to put this computer away, grab my novel and head out to the front porch and enjoy the view. Best wishes for your summer solstice!


Buttons said...

Oh Emily I am so happy you finally found those sunny warm days. Enjoy them and slow down a little the work will wait it always does.Hug B

Jewel said...

We love the sunny days this time of year too, it's still mostly cool and rainy here in western WA. Our heat doesn't usually come until around the 4th of July. Glad you are getting some much needed warmth, sun, and garden time! It's an amazingly long winter for all of you way up there.
Cheers to summer!

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I really enjoy reading your posts and when I do I think of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books that I have read. The pioneering spirit and of course the climate.

It is winter here in Australia now, this morning when we woke it was 1.9 degrees outside under the awning, very cold, add extra layers of clothing cold.

I read your post showing the electric heated animal waterer and it hit me how cold it must get there.

Reasonable Season (Me) said...

Best Summer wishes to you too, Emily. :) Enjoy the season!