Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Pictures

 My mother's day goslings; Daisy and Dilly. I am so excited to have geese again. These two are buffs.

 Crazy kids, this was about a week ago, the snow is leaving but not fast enough.

 Thirty some layers, our own mutts, ten Welsummer pullets, eight Ameraucanas and six black sexlinks.

 Separating cream. I got close to a pint out of a gallon and a quart of milk. Made the best batch of sour cream yet using just Flora Danica culture. Super stiff and tasted just like sour cream.

 Homemade transitional spelt bread made with the delayed fermentation technique and honey pastured butter - our own honey - not our own pasture butter - not yet anyway.

 Sourdough half spelt half white pancakes - super tasty, light and not too tangy for the kids.

Homemade soaked half spelt half white tortillas. Best batch yet. At some point I'll share some recipes. 
And that's what we've been up to; goslings, chicks, mud and culinary adventures. Missing some goat pictures... Xanadu is due to kid Sunday - looking forward to an easy kidding.


Denise Wilhelm said...

Curious ... what do you do with the skim milk after separating?

Molly said...

Shoot! I just lost the whole comment I typed! Oh well, sounds like Spring is happening for you you. What kind of separater do you have? I want one!

Emily said...

Molly, I have a Novo cream separator. It has given me grief but I finally have it running properly and giving me the right thickness of cream that I want - and so I can finally say that I LOVE it.

Denise, I usually feed it to the chickens. I have also made ricotta with it, but I like creamy ricotta - so I end up adding cream or milk back in anyways - so I prefer to just make ricotta with whole milk. Sometimes I wish I had a pig to feed all the whey and skim to.

Ginger said...

Wishing for more updates, I know you're busy up there...fill us in!! Happy Planting!!

Anonymous said...

Have you treid making crockpot gethost with the whey/skim? Like reducing sap to syrup.