Saturday, July 20, 2013

July; the kids and goats, geese and cornish and myself

The kids and I have been getting the goats out every few days. These pictures are from a couple weeks ago when the mosquitoes were still pretty bad - which is why we are wearing hoodies and pants even though it was a seventy degree evening. Thankfully the mosquitoes mysteriously disappeared almost overnight after a really buggy start to the summer.

 Wild Roots Denali. I was pretty determined to sell this doeling as we have her dam and our super friendly and very nice looking yearling Camelot is closely related... but she is just soooo super friendly, in addition to being a great looking doeling. Today I was rubbing her lower belly and she just couldn't get enough. There is something to be said for super friendly doelings- I'm learning that they are the ones to keep.

 Xanadu and her doeling, Denali.


Super happy geese after our first and only rainstorm of the summer.

                            I don't know quite how I feel about these pictures, but here I am.


PatsyAnne said...

Oh Emily, the your pictures are great, so natural. That's the way I think of you, one with nature. AND the video of those geese-in-a-puddle is just too cute! When I think of Alaska, I do think of biting bottle flies and mosquitos - so am glad that they disappeared "overnight" - here, for some reason, we have some teeny-tiny gnats that are driving me crazy - not a lot but enough to make your head whip back and forth looking for the flying nasty, sneaky biting insects. I won a contest on one of my blogs for Butterbean insect repellant and sun screen and lip balm (all organic) and I gave it all to my daughter for my Granddaughter who gets bitten all the time. Take care and enjoy what you have left of the summer.

Dawn said...

it was so enjoyable viewing these pictures, I could smell the dirt road, musky goats and moist vegetation. And it was like... Yes... this how all children should grow up.