Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August Tidings and Rising Appalachia

This time of year every week has a theme and of course sometimes multiple themes. This week and next week we will be picking raspberries, freezing them and making jam. Last week was chicken butchering, the week before that blueberry picking and before that Salmon processing. This whole next month is slowly harvest and process the garden. I am vowing not to leave everything in the ground till the last minute as I have been known to do - well not everything, but too much. This year I am going to stagger the harvesting and hopefully get several beds amended with compost and turned before the ground freezes. I am finally experiencing the bounty of this time of year. There are several zucchini in my fridge and more on the counter. I have a crock of lacto fermented beans started and a gallon jar of dill pickles brining in the fridge. AND, so far I have a gallon and a half of frozen shelled peas in the fridge - no where near as much as I'd like, but it's a start. Some of the garden crops are enjoying this hot dry summer (the squash, grains and cukes) while others seem to be petering out early (peas and brassicas). This has been the summer to convince me that not another summer will go by without installing drip irrigation. I just don't have the time to water for a couple hours every day... and as a result some crops are a little droopy.

In other very exciting news, I recently purchased a new Deering Goodtime Banjo. This past year I have been getting together with a close friend and singing with her as she plays the guitar or banjo. And I have found myself wishing I could play the banjo myself and have a string instrument to play as I sing. I played the flute in highschool so I have some experience with music, but have never really thought of myself as a musician or with musical talent. String instruments have always seemed challenging and somewhat foreboding. For the past year I have found myself drawn to songs played with the banjo, and have become somewhat obsessed with the idea of being able to play my favorite songs.

I tend to rush around too much during my day. One of my challenges is to slow down and be in the present with my children. To stop and actually focus on them and what they are saying. To enjoy each moment of our day and not feel rushed to clean or cook or get out of the house. I have been thinking that having and instrument to play might help me settle down throughout the day and center myself in the universe. And it has been working. Taking a ten minute break from the day and playing just a few songs soothes my soul and puts things in perspective. I'm able to put the banjo away with a lighter heart and go back to the kitchen or the kids feeling satisfied and content with my world. I've been picking it up often at meal times when I am done eating and am trying to stay seated with the kids so that they will finish their meals. So I pick up the banjo and say "Here, let me serenade you while you eat."

I have to share my favorite band of the last year with you; Rising Appalachia. I love them so much. I want to be them when I grow up :) I have been listening to their music almost daily since last fall and somehow have yet to need a break from them. So I'm going to try something I've never done and share some You Tube video links and I'm hoping that some of you will enjoy their music as much as I do.

And the following is one of the songs I can't listen to without hoping that some day I can play it myself and for some reason I couldn't get the You Tube link to work so here I've just attempted to post the link myself. This following link is of the band playing, whereas the first was a song and the second a music video. I should have posted this one first in my order of which you should take the time to watch, if you are going to click on one. (Smile - hope you enjoy!)

I want to hear from everyone whom I've converted into a Rising Appalachia fan!

Posts to come: I've plans to share this summer's milking/farm chore routine which has been the least stressful making this our most laid back summer yet. I also want to share my home-school plans with you. Right now I am over-my-head deep in planning and am spending many of my waking moments, (when I'm not attempting to play the banjo, but while milking or harvesting) thinking about our school daily routine and how we are going to find the balance with a Kindergartner and a Second grader this year. And of course I'm going to share a garden post with you soon, along with pictures so you can see my bigger than a basketball pumpkin which I'm so proud of, as well as the rest of the garden. Wishing you all a great night.


Plain and Joyful Living said...

My goal too, at almost 44 years old, is to also be present and to have more fun. I also rush rush far too often. How wonderful about your banjo and thank you for sharing the music links. Just what I need for fun!
Looking forward to reading about your milking routine as we are finally getting a buck tomorrow - so hopefully this spring we will be milking.
Warm wishes,

Heather said...

I saw Rising Appalachia at the International Herbal Conference this summer. Definitely some talented women.

Jeanna said...

I just listened to Rising Appalachia by way of your link. I love it. I will be looking for more of their music. It is so soulful. I love your blog and visit regularly. Thanks for the heads of on such great music.