Friday, March 7, 2014

First Week of March in Pictures

The sun is filling our home and we are thankful. Thankful that the long dark days are behind us and warm sunny days are ahead. We are thinking and dreaming of spring. This week the kid's and I made nests. The pictures above are of the kids making nests out of yarn, hay and other natural materials. I made a few nests using wire and Pussy Willow branches that turned out well.

 One of the best decisions I made this year for our home school days, was to have individual circle time with each of my kids. Last year there was daily strife during circle time; throwing bean bags too hard, intentional bumping or roughness, arguing or belittling each other, and I realized that their needs and wants were so different that they each needed their own circle and story time without the other around. As a result, Avery's circle time is cozy gentle preschool time with finger plays and lots of fairies. We do various nursery rhymes and basic introductory letter and number work. Above she is jumping over copper rods to Jack be Nimble Jack be Quick, she goes backwards or forwards depending on what I call out.

One, two, buckle my shoe as we toss a bean bag back and forth. Her catching skills are improving.
 Our alphabet song that we do motions and sign language to.

Noah's circle is a more rough and rowdy and challenging. Above he is balancing a copper rod on his head and then he sees how far he can walk with it. We do several bean bag activities that are tricky and take a while to learn. We are beginning to work on juggling. I think it would be great if we were both able to juggle.
 After circle, Noah reads me a couple first readers and then depending on the day, sometimes I read to him. Other days we do a story recall and then write out story summaries.

This week in school Noah worked with spelling stories and geometry.

 Avery has a Explode the Code primer work book that she likes to work in while Noah and I do his math lesson. I try to sellect letters for her to work on that I've already introduced via story and that she has had a week to work with already.

 I think gelled bone broth is a beautiful thing. I am consuming it almost daily in the form of various soups. I have miso or light vegetable soups for lunch most weekdays.

 Happy Geese eating their daily wheat grass.

 Afternoon goat walk. Gotta exercise those pregnant girls - and ourselves.

 "Come on, you guys want to run down the hill?"

Playing on the hill above the goats. The kids roll and slide and make-believe play on this hill just about every day while I milk.

And that pretty much sums up our first beautiful week of March.


Buttons said...

Oh Emily it looks like you fared well in the winter it was very cold and long here, but we made it here on our farm too.Your children have grown so much since I first started reading you. Take care. B

Emily said...

Hey B, I know huh? I read your most recent post and it is beautiful. I need to follow your blog more often. Take care, E