Thursday, February 18, 2016

Knits for baby and crafting with Avery

 Avery, proudly hanging her Mandala sun catcher in the window.

We have been so focused on math and language arts for school, that we haven't made as much time for the fun stuff this winter. Avery loves to craft and I love crafting with her. So one of my goals for the beginning of this month was to start saving some energy for crafting in the afternoons. Often by the time we've finished our school day and cleaned up from a late lunch, it is time to start dinner and there is no time or energy left for crafting. We finally got a few fun projects in though.

To celebrate the return of the sun (literally) to our home, we made window crafts that would look special in our south facing windows. First we made folded paper flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and a sun, that were inspired by another blog link we found on pinterest. In the second window we made three mandala type sun catchers using embroidery hoops and dried and pressed flowers and leaves - also inspired by another blogger. Avery and I each made one and then we made one together, which we both agree is the prettiest. Both of these crafts I would readily do again, or expand on. But for now, I am happy to have some pretty things in our south facing windows. And here are the links in case you are interested in some similar crafts;

Then Avery had two birthday parties to go to in the last couple weeks and we came up with crowns and wands. I came across a genius idea that I wish someone had shared with me two or three years ago when my kids first started needle felting; which is to fill cookie cutters with the wool and felt them inside the cookie cutter. It made it a lot easier for Avery to do most of the work and all I did was clean up the edges a bit when she was almost done. I also braided the band part using wool roving. Dustin cut a drift wood branch for the wand and he and Avery attached the wool felted star and beads to the end using wire. It was a fairly simple and easy project for all of us. For the second gift Avery felted flowers and leaves for the crown and a flower for the end of the wand. Here is the link to the blog that gave us this great idea; she posts more detailed instructions and a lot more pictures;

Here is a baby cardigan I finished. It is called "In Three's baby Cardigan" I believe. It is one of the few patterns I've bought on Revelry. Here I made it in a Malabrigo wool blend. I've almost finished a second one using a coral pink silk wool blend from String Theory that I bought on vacation in Blue Hill Maine.

Sartje's booties - free on ravelry

Here is my most recent pair of baby booties I made, after the first pair seemed like they might be too small to even fit a newborn's feet. I wanted to have a matching pair of pink slippers and hat for first baby pictures. Still need to take pictures of the two pink hats I made. I'm coming to the end of my knitting frenzy. I'm not lacking in ideas for things I'd like to make my family, only the motivation and initiation to accomplish anything more.

What crafts are you making on these late winter days?

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