Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chicken laying flourescent eggs

We have a buff cochin laying flourescent pink and yellow eggs! Here is a peak at the eggs she is sitting on. April Fools! Honey has gone broody for the second time this winter and this time we are rejoicing. We are saving Brahma eggs to put underneath her. As soon as we have a dozen eggs we will exchange them for the fake eggs. We could of course just sacrifice a couple real eggs, but they are sooo precious.

This isn't the best picture of a broody hen. But you can see that she is ruffled and upset with me for disturbing her. She has just gone broody, so we should have plenty of time to get the real eggs under her. Unfortunately all the birds like to lay their eggs in the same box. So every day we have to reach under her and take out the real eggs. For one , we don't just want to hatch any of the eggs. Two, it would be disastrous to add an egg every day or two because they need twenty one days to hatch and once the first eggs begin hatching she will only sit on the eggs for so long before leaving them to care for the new chicks. Ideally we should have a broody box to move her to. There she would have a more spacious box where she could get off her eggs to move just a foot or two to drink water and eat some food. We might get a broody box up and running here before we put the real eggs under her.

As far as April Fools Day goes, it has never gotten much attention in my family because there is a much bigger celebration going on; My Mom's Birthday. Happy 50th Birthday Mom! We are having the family over for thai food tonight accompanied by some special drinks. So what am I doing here on the computer? Time to start prepping. We are having spring rolls, chicken basil stir fry, rice and pad thai. For drinks options include Saporro, a Mango cocktail, Champagne ( and nice bottle) and most likely wine. Should be a good time.

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