Monday, April 20, 2009

Noah's Third Birthday

Noah turned three years old last Monday. It was the first real Birthday party he has had and the first birthday where he has comprehended the celebration and has had expectations. Dustin took Noah into town earlier in the day so I could assemble and hide the cake. Noah fell asleep on the way home and we quickly decorated the house with balloons and streamers. We laid out a party tablecloth, party-hats and snacks. Dustin filled a baby pool with sand and toys for an impromptu sand box. When Noah woke up and came into the house he was so excited.
Noah had three friends over and we all went on a treasure hunt. Above is Noah pretending to read one of the clues. The clues were written with him in mind. I was thinking he would enjoy taking his friends from place to place, but he was so excited that he didn't really focus in on the clues and just followed his friends (who didn't know where they were going). The treasure hunt took the kids all around the property beginning at the house and going up to the bucks, the chicken coop (where there were eggs filled with jelly beans) up to see the new goat kid and back down to the back porch where there was a treasure chest filled with bags of party favors. Only the treasure chest was locked so first they had to dig through the sand box to find the key.
When we would ask Noah what he wanted for his birthday, he would say "Benny and Scrambler and Cranky" just about every time. So here are Benny and Scrambler on top of his cake. It was a real hit, whenever anyone asks him about his birthday he says " and Benny and Scrambler were on the cake!" Noah's favorite cartoons are Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder. Benny and Scrambler were the last of the Bob the Builder Machines that he didn't have. Cranky the Crane is a wooden crane with a magnet that lifts freight; it was his big birthday gift from Dustin and I.
Above are the kids digging in the sandbox for the key.
I've been meaning to cut Noah's hair for a while now, but it is pretty tricky getting him to sit still. I finally had to bribe him with jelly beans to sit still for me long enough. Whew! Last night he dressed up in Avery's baby clothes and jumped around on the couch. He looks so different with his new hair cut I just thought I'd show the new Noah.. Noah who is three years old!

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