Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here are a few photos I took of the kids this week. We've been spending lots of time outside enjoying the fabulous weather. I guess in some places people may be lounging inside in their air conditioned homes, but not in Alaska - fortunately it never gets that hot. Although we've been coming close. The nights have been too warm for covers and that is a bit warm for me. Yesterday we had to keep the windows closed because it was so smokey outside. Which made for a muggy house.

I think most the pictures of Noah and Avery speak for themselves. Although I have to point out that the photo above is a classic Avery expression. A few months back she started wrinkling up her nose and snorting. She does it when she is in a playful mood. When I told my mom what new thing her granddaughter was doing she said that I use to do the same thing. I don't think Avery looks much like myself so it is nice to see other characteristics of mine showing through, ha ha. Now Avery does this all the time and all you have to do is wrinkle up your nose and snort at her and she does it right back.

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