Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Fun

Despite the busy summer days we still manage to have some fun. Just about every warm afternoon calls for some water in the pool on our back deck. We don't have a lot of shade so I've hung up blankets on the railing and situated the pool and sandbox nearby so there is some shade for the kids. When Avery is not in the baby pool, Noah enjoys sliding into the water.

Dustin and I managed to get away on our own for a lovely afternoon of floating down the Chena river. This is one of our favorite summer past times that we've missed out on the last few summers (ahem, kids). The Chena river runs through Fairbanks and passes by several bars before it exits down and joins up with the much larger and faster moving Tanana river. We usually take a cooler with snacks and drinks. If you paddle the trip goes by too fast for our liking so we generally just float and steer out of the way of boats, jet skis, float planes and the riverboat. Bar/Restaraunts that we usually get out at include The Boatel, Chena Alaska Grill, Pikes Waterfront Landing and The Pump House. We pull out at the Pump House and usually have dinner. This trip we took a taxi cab from the Pump House to our home, which is only five miles or so.

Top photo is myself at Pikes waiting for a cocktail. The middle photo is the River Boat, it past us in both directions during our float, taking tourists on a tour of the river sights. Lastly is a photo of a float plane that sounded like it was having difficulties. We didn't see it take off or land. We were guessing that maybe it had made an emergency landing as it was limping along. Planes take off and land in the river frequently. Other sightseeing along the river includes checking out houses and yards in addition to seeing lots of ducks with their ducklings and the occassional beaver. Water plus sun and heat equals a good time.

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