Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Midsummer Garden

Here are a few garden photos. Above is a squash bed with summer squash, snap and snow peas. We eat the peas daily while in the garden. Few make it down to the house. In the back is the main gate to the doe pen. Below is a photo of some green tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Above is some greens and lots of broccoli and kale. In the third row down you can see Noah's garden. Corn in the back with dwarf sunflowers in front and carrots to the right. Below that is a row of garlic with more sunflowers behind. Below you can see the greenhouse with tomatoes and then a row of peas, broccoli and cauliflower, the middle row is carrots, beets and radishes and the closest row is broccoli and kale. We've been harvesting some decent sized carrots, lots of broccoli and some beets. The cauliflower, broccoli romanesco and cabbage are all growing nicely. We've also been harvesting the first of the shelling peas, some zucchini and green, yellow and purple bush beans. It just keeps getting better and better. I'm about to harvest all the onions as they've finished early this year. I need to plant one last batch of cold hardy greens in their place. Looking forward to enough shelling peas to make a meal or two. We've grown enough carrots, and broccoli, and maybe enough potatoes. We need to plant more of everything else.
And now for the biggest project of all. Below is a picture of the woods below our house. We had a couple friends come up for a visit and help by bringing their dump truck, skid steer and labor. We also rented a bull dozer which our friend Bob put in most of the hours on. They cut down several trees in a short time and processed the wood and now it is in a huge pile by the house. The area below the house is levelled as is the ground south of the house. I intend to make a new post to show all the dirtwork and wood cutting that has gone on in the last week. As of now the building for the addition is scheduled for about the thirteenth of August, doesn't give us much time to get ready...

I've been making it into town about once a week. I usually run in to friends I haven't seen in a while and they ask what I've been doing. I usually just say I've been hanging around the house taking care of the kids. But really that isn't even the beginning. We figured out that we do at least three hours of farm chores a day at the very minimum, four if we have to water the whole garden, and more if there is any building or animal moving going on. When we've had help doing dirt work or building I've been caring for both kids, the farm, and cooking for everyone. As I'm writing this my husband just came in from night chores, both kids are in bed and we are going to look over floor plans for the extension and possibly watch a little t.v. online whoo hoo. gooodnight.

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Kathie said...

The garden is beautiful! All those downed trees make me tired just looking at 'em.