Monday, April 19, 2010

First of the goat kid pics of 2010

 Here are some pictures of the new kids at twenty four hours old. We have been dealing with serious computer issues this week. On top of that I've been having difficulties downloading pictures, ergh! The weather has been too nice to be inside frustrated with the computer anyways so I've been slower than usual in sharing pictures. Above, I'm drying off the first kid, a girl!

I got around to weighing the kids yesterday when they were about twenty four hours old. The doeling was seven and a third pounds, the first boy was six and a half and the second boy was five and three quarters. In this picture the smaller buck is on the left and the doeling to the right. Below is the youngest buck, he has the start of a white belt on his belly.

Above and below are pictures of the doeling. I think we are going to name her Asia. For those of you who are not in the world of naming goats, each year the American Dairy Goat Association recommends a letter to begin goat names with, as a way of keeping track of when goats were born. Obviously you can go along with the naming system, or not. I find it kind of handy. There are so many names out there, it is nice to have some guidelines. We bought our goats on an X year, so all of their names began with X! Then our first kidding year was Y, then Z. We are so ready to be past X, Y and Z names. If Xanadu has a doeling I'm leaning towards the name Avalon, another mythical place name. If Rose has a doeling I kind of like Apple, but I might try to find a flower name. I'm not to fond of Amaranth, Aster, Azalea or Allysum? We don't know if we will be keeping Asia or selling her. It depends on how many more kids we have. I'd like to keep two....

The first boy is on the left, not a very good picture of him though. I included this one because it was Noah's first meeting with the goats. Today we took a bunch more pictures with Avery and Grannie and the kids. Maybe I'll get those together tomorrow. I am pretty sure Xan is expecting. I trimmed her udder area yesterday and it looks like her udder is filling out just a bit. She and Rose are both due in the next week or so. Their early due date is Thursday and they could kid anytime the following ten days or so. It feels good to have Xoe's kidding behind us as she has been our problem mom, problem kidder. Rose has been doing lots of goat yoga, getting those kids into place. In the last two years she has kidded to a single white buckling the first year, and last year a white buckling and a black and white doeling who we kept, no issues either kidding and a great mom. Xan has only had a sole buckling her first year and last year failed to breed. I would love to have a doeling from her. She is as big as a house, so maybe there are a couple in there!


Mrs. Wayne Hunter said...

I just very recently found your blog and am enjoying it!

Our family is modern-day homesteading out in Salcha.

Do you mind if I link to your blog from ours?

Anonymous said...

Alaska wildflower names that begin with "A": Armeria, Anenome, Androsace, Arnica, Arenaria, Artemisia, Astragalus.

What about Anise?

Beautiful kids (both goat and human). You must be so proud.

Emily said...

Mrs. Hunter, feel free to link to my blog anytime.

Anonymous, I like Anise. I like the idea of naming her after an Alaskan plant or flower, but so far haven't found one I care for. Thanks for the ideas though, hadn't thought of Anise.

Mrs. Wayne Hunter said...

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your permission to link to your blog.

What breed of goats are you raising?

Nikki (a.k.a. Mrs. Wayne Hunter)

Emily said...

Nikki, we are raising LaManchas. They are a full size dairy goat, although they don't seem to grow as large as some of the Saanans and Toggs I've seen. A vetrinarian I know who works with goats, said that they were one of her favorites as far as personalities and dispositions go, so that was what first got us interested in them. We are very happy with them. Emily