Friday, April 23, 2010

Five new goat babies!

So it's a long story as it was a long night, that I'm not up for telling...too tired. But the short of it was both Rose and Xanadu went into labor last night. Xan kidded to the doeling above, a black and tan as well as the chamoisee buckling that Noah is greeting. Rose kidded an hour later to three good sized bucklings, two black and white boys and I guess the technical name is light red, although he looks butterscotch colored with white markings. I finished up at four a.m. All the kids and moms were well. This morning one of the kids was weak. I must not have got enough colostrum and milk into him before I retired to bed. He is in the house today and we've been feeding him with a drenching syringe. I hope to have him back with his mom and brothers by the time I go to bed. So that's it for kidding season, six boys, two girls and three does with nice big udders full of milk. I milked a quart out of Xoe's lopsided udder today. Can't wait to be swimming in milk. Tomorrow we take the first kids to get them disbudded. I think we'll also be putting up woven mesh fencing on the outside of the electric strands, so we don't have any kids ducking the wire and getting lost.

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gotomakan said...

Your goat babies are adorable!!