Friday, August 6, 2010

August Does and Doelings

This time of year the does are looking their best. They've finally shed out the last of their winter coats and have yet to start growing their coats for this coming winter. They've been living easy, enjoying the warm summer days and getting out to browse a bit. I'm looking forward to breeding season as I'm planning on breeding five does, three are first timers. We've got two yearlings and a dry two year old who we've been putting food (money) into and I'm ready to put them to work for us - start milking and having extra doelings to sell - hopefully.

Avalon- won't be bred till next season

Zinnia on left is one of our yearlings. Her mom is Rose, to her right. I am really looking forward to seeing how her udder looks once she freshens. Rose is our best milker with the highest yield and roundest udder. I'm hoping she passes these traits along to her daughter.

Zinnia again, she is on uneven ground, but I think you can tell that she is a good looking doe.

Zuri on left, Rose on right

Zuri is our other yearling. We lost her mom last summer, who was our best doe. Zuri looks so much like her dam. I have high hopes for her.

Avalon and Asia. I enjoy keeping two doelings at a time. Unfortunately eight does is about as many as we have room for, so if I want to keep doelings next year I'm going to have to sell some milking does. It makes more sense to sell doelings as you can sell them for almost as much as a milker without putting a years worth of hay into her. These are our first two doelings from our buck Xavier, so of course we had to keep them!

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