Friday, August 6, 2010

Avery on a warm August Evening

We finally had a little July weather in August, five eighty degree days in a row - the warmest days of the summer I think. The last couple days are feeling more like August, sixties with scattered showers, but then our fair has begun so that explains the fair weather. It is starting to get dark late night- early morning. I've been heading to bed around midnight and I can still see, but I would grab a headlamp if I headed out to check on the animals. During our warm spell Avery and I took a walk with the camera. It was about nine p.m., about as warm and balmy as an evening gets around here.

Avery trying without success to catch a chicken.

Stopping at one of our wild raspberry patches.

Our warm days are so precious. I never get my fill. Here's to savoring the last of our bare legged, tank-top and sandal wearing days

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