Monday, November 22, 2010

Carrots and beets and rain - oh my.

Awoke to the sound of snow falling off our top roof and plopping onto the lower roof by our bedroom window. I lay in bed thinking of all the frozen carrots, beets, turnips, jars of milk and soup, all sitting around in our natural freezer, also known as outside... I guess when I heard that it was suppose to rain today I should have taken action and moved things into the chest freezers. Thankfully it is just above thirty degrees, so things are still frozen.

It actually has been raining this morning just as predicted. It is a slushy sloppy mess - chores are going to be wet today. Fortunately D was thinking ahead and took the snow blower to the driveway yesterday.

On Saturday Noah and I dug the last of the frozen beets and carrots out of the hay pile. It was never my intention to let them freeze, I'd hoped to have room in the fridge for them by the time the temperatures dropped. Now that they are frozen I thought I'd just leave them outside and bring them in as needed, but the voles were beginning to nibble. So I thought I'd bag them up and stick them back outside, or as of now, into the chest freezers. Thankfully, the beets cook up well and I can't even tell they've been frozen. I just scrub them frozen and boil them till tender. The carrots, I've also been scrubbing and peeling while still frozen and then using them for juicing or soups as soon as I can cut them, or cooking them whole. While not as good as fresh carrots, at least they'll not go to waste.

The last couple winters we've had fresh carrots from our garden up until January and even February, but we had a second fridge taking up precious room in the house, and packed with root vegetables. This summer we had carrots and beets ready for eating so early in the summer, that we ate them all summer and didn't end up with much of an end harvest. We ate most of the colored carrots fresh, these are mostly Bolero, a storage carrot and some Early Sugarsnax. I'll be growing a lot more carrots and beets next summer.


Buttons said...

Hello Sounds like you are in control. I love carrots in soup.Love your pics.

Anonymous said...

too funny! Your timing couldn't have been much better. My mom just remembered this am that she left her beets in the garage to dry out a bit before cleaning them up and bringing them into the basement -- that was a week ago and our temps have hit -16C since then.... She called me to find out if I knew what could be done, could they be cooked frozen or??? You were on the 2nd page of a google search for "frozen beets". So, she's going to try one and if it works put the rest of them in her deep freeze (our temps are supposed to go back up above freezing within a week or so).

So, thanks so much for your blog. Enjoy your homesteading! :)

Emily said...

This last batch of beets I cooked up didn't have their normal texture. I guess the first couple batches I cooked up hadn't frozen solid yet?? So, I guess I'll be making fruit leather or muffins with these beets. Maybe I'll juice the next batch.