Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ice storm pictures

They are calling this ice-storm a historic event in Fairbanks weather history. This is the most rain precipitation we've had in winter since 1937. This is our third day in a row of freezing rain. The temperature seems to be dropping. We had some snow flurries this morning, intermingled with freezing drops of rain.

Today I'm beginning Thanksgiving preparations. We are having our big Turkey with family this weekend. Tomorrow we are having friends over for a less elaborate meal, provided that the roads are safe to drive on. Today we are killing some male ducks for our meal tomorrow. I am going to boil the duck and then roast it, I've read that when you boil it, the fat dissolves into the water and out from beneath the skin of the duck, so it won't be so fatty. Today I'm starting rolls, cranberry salad and making cranberry chutney with our own cranberries, onions and garlic. I'm going to bake a pie, but can't decide what type. We'll also have mashed potatoes- our own Yukon Gold potatoes, and traditional stuffing. That covers the main bases for me. Our are bringing a pear nut salad, cookies and a winter squash dish. Should be delightful. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Buttons said...

Happy Thanksgiving I hope the roads are good so you can celebrate with friends.
Your pics are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful and destructive freezing rain.
Enjoy the holiday.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I think we have traded weather, normally we have the ice storms in the Columbia Gorge instead we have cold temps and snow while you have rain.

Have a great Turkey day!

gotomakan said...

Thanks for the pics, Em. It's truly amazing!!