Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Blerry Picking Day

 We don't get away from the homestead much in the summer. Dustin usually works six days a week and then his one day off is spent butchering chickens, repairing goat fences, and most recently taking down and processing dead trees in around the house. We decided to at least get away for a day trip and combine business with pleasure. So we drove out to OUR :) favorite out of town blueberry spot (which was a longer drive than necessary but was bangin). We picked berries for two and half hours and then as we drove back we stopped at one of our favorite road side river campgrounds.

It was one of the most perfect berry picking days. Seventies and sunny ( I don't know why that crazy boy is wearing a hoody). I only saw one mosquito the entire afternoon. There were way more berry pickers out there than usual which I find quite obnoxious when you drive that far. There are berries everywhere and frequent pull offs and newcomers end up parking and picking within eyesight of us - ergh! Anyhoo, it was still lovely.

The kids both helped pick more so than in past years. We ended up with close to five gallons of blueberries. I picked on two other separate occasions and then found quite a bit of berries still in the freezer from last year. So I believe we are up to twelve gallon freezer bags of berries which will be enough for us. Now we are picking raspberries. I've been to the Upick twice and look forward to peaceful picking at a friend's this week.

Hot Dogs and marshmallows.

One of those summer family days we won't ever forget.

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Buttons said...

What a perfect way to spend a day working but enjoying family time. Oh I did not know you played that is awesome. The kids are growing. Enjoy the peaceful pickings. Hug B