Sunday, August 24, 2014

Garden update

Considering that this has been a record setting summer for cool and rainy weather here in Fairbanks, I'm pretty content with this year's harvest. Yes, everything is late, and the heat lovers did poorly, super poorly; as in no or very few squash, tomatoes, cukes or beans for this gardener. However, the carrots are bigger than usual and we are digging a decent number of potatoes. It has been a good summer for most root crops and greens. The celery loved the wet weather. I'm glad I planted more zucchini than I thought we could eat, as every other zucchini has been succumbing to mold. I've resorted to buying tomatoes and cucumbers at the Farmer's market and am already trying to figure out where I might erect a greenhouse next summer for the squash and cukes.

 The Brassicas did well. I have some of the largest cabbages I've ever had and some of the smallest. One bed must have gotten way more manure dumped on it.

 I think next year I'll try to make do with two rows of peas instead of three, but it is hard as we've got soup peas and snap peas in one row, and then one of the two rows of shelling peas has several feet of sweet peas...

This picture was from late July; carrot thinnings, bolting beets and broccoli.

 I find eggs so beautiful, especially in baskets.

July Kimchi in the making

Pile of cilantro.

I heard that there was a frost advisory for low lying areas a couple of nights ago. Looking around at my garden and thinking that it has all got to be harvested over the next five weeks is overwhelming to say the least. Right now I'm picking peas and zucchini every few days. Greens as needed. There are so many crops that will continue to get bigger until the end and will store better in the ground anyways. Once we get close to a frost in the hills I'll start harvesting and pulling the heat lovers that aren't doing much anyways. Then I'll try to ration out the carrot pulling over the course of a couple weeks. So much work to do, but such a satisfying time of year!

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