Friday, January 2, 2015

Homemade crafts for Holiday Giving

Well, I feel like I'm posting backwards. But here are some pictures of the kids crafting as well as the crafts I managed to eek out for gift giving this year:
 Needle felting pastries for their cousins.

 Dipping beeswax tapers for our Hannukah Menorah.

 Making beeswax luminaries with balloons with water.

 Laying out the merino silk wool for a cob web wet felted scarf.

 Finished scarves. I made three. These were my first two. The last one I made turned out the best.

 The kids and I dabbled with painting silks for the first time. I don't like how either of mine turned out. The kid's look more like pastel tie dyes and were more suitable for giving.

 Scarf wrapped up and ready to go.

 Avery ironing one of her dyed silks.

 Strawberry moccassins for Avery Jane, made with our own goat hide; naturally tanned by a good friend.

 A leather pouch for Noah. There is a belt loop on the back so he can wear it at his waist.

 Mittens for Avery

 Baby Alpaca hat with ear flaps for Dustin. He is wearing it daily which makes me proud and happy.

 My best cob web felted scarf.

Finished needle felted pastries for my nephews on a handmade wood serving tray made by Dustin.

And that's a wrap! :)


Ngo Family Farm said...

Beautiful!! I adore the moccasins and pouch. You are such a brilliantly creative family. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Amy said...

What lovely gifts! Did you use a pattern to cut the moccasins? I will have three new nieces or nephews born by the end of the year and these would be a perfect gift.

Emily said...

Yes Amy, I did use a pattern for the moccasins. I found it at our local fur trading store. They are very simple. Once the pattern is cut out, it takes me about a night to sew one up. I do the beading on the top piece before sewing. They would be super quick if made for newborns. If I was making these for newborns I would make a taller pattern that wrapped and tied them on. These are slip on's so my kids can take them on and off easily - but babies booties come off easily enough, you want to be able to tie them on.

Amy said...

Thank you for the reply! I am sure my local fur store (Black Elk Leather) will have a pattern or if not I may check Etsy. My sister had a lovely authentic Alaskan pair growing up but sadly they were not stored well and are now quite hard. Thanks again.

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh wow - so much beautiful handwork! Thank you for sharing and wishing you a new year full of peace and joy,