Friday, December 11, 2009


Here is a picture of my brand new nephew; Aidan Riley Bates, born to Adam and Tricia. Tricia had a natural water birth at the birth center in town. Aidan was a week early, weighed seven pounds twelve ounces. They returned home the same day they had him. I visited two days later. When I met him he was wide awake and looking around. He squeaks like a little mouse and whimpers like a new baby. I'll bet he has already changed a bunch in the last three days since I saw him. He is a very handsome little guy.

Aidan is my first nephew. I am so fortunate to live in the same town as my parents and brother. I am looking forward to watching our children grow up together. We've got Noah and Avery who are three and a half and one. Now there is Aidan who will be just over a year younger than Avery. A pack of three so far, and possibly more to come.

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