Thursday, December 10, 2009

Posting comments and dairy regulations

I've been having trouble posting my own comments lately. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions let me know. I would also like the comments to show up below the post, without having to click on them. I've selected all the options to show comments but they still have to be opened up.

So, one of the comments that I have been trying to reply to was Margie's. She and her husband are in the final stages of starting a Grade A Certified Dairy in Palmer. For those of you who want to read the comments just scroll down to the previous post and click on comments.

Margie, thank you your input. I appreciate your clear perspective after having gone through the whole process yourselves. I readily admit that I am much less familiar than you in regards to the laws and processes for starting a certified dairy. My information has come directly from reading and interpreting the proposal itself. So I'm not entirely surprised if I misunderstood some aspects of the proposal. The public water supply and sewage aspect seemed rather straightforward so I'm not sure how that could be otherwise interpreted, but I'm glad that it was not a requirement for your dairy. You mentioned selling goat shares. That is certainly an idea we have been considering for the last couple years. I am beginning to feel organized and knowledgeable enough to venture into the world of goat milk shares this coming year. Although it does seem like quite a roundabout way to go about selling milk. Well, I look forward to keeping in touch with you both. I would absolutely love to stop in for a visit the next time we are down south. Thank you again.

Much of the public is oblivious to current milk laws and what it takes to sell milk and cheese legally. Folks are constantly surprised that I just can't sell or even give away milk or cheese. Often the misunderstanding is due to a small amount of individuals who are selling raw milk and cheese outside the law and because it is so commonplace people think it must be legal. Well, for those of you who have missed this in previous posts, it is illegal for milk to leave my property unless it is headed to a certified dairy, or in jars labeled "for animal use only, not for human consumption" The milk also has to be denatured with green food coloring and charcoal! So to be clear, I can't legally take milk or cheese to my parents when we go over for dinner. So, last I checked the local health food store does sell raw cows milk, with green dye and charcoal, for animal consumption of course.

In closing, I'm with you Bob, I do not believe that the government has a right to say what we can and can't consume. Unfortunately, there are fewer free thinkers and a much larger number of conformers and followers in our country who believe whatever current food pyramid and food guidelines the FDA is currently supporting. It is ironic that raw milk is considered a danger to public safety, but a McDonalds cheeseburger is the norm.

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