Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tiled Hallway

 The kids play with boxes all the time. Noah saws and works on them with his toy tools. He also uses them as garages for his machines. Avery mostly sits inside them. Alaskan Pale Ale is my beer of choice lately.

Our friend Tyson, who tiled our bathroom last spring, came out and tiled our hallway and around our hearth. We are going to wait until the wood stove is not in such high demand to tile the hearth. We have a baby gate wall that divides the living room from the woodstove area and hallway. Noah has his own play area across the gate so that he can play with his train track or legos without his sister's help. The slate around the hearth warms up and now is so much easier to keep clean, making for a more comfortable and attractive play area and hallway.


Patrick said...

The tile looks great. Look forward to seeing you guys in a few days.

Emily said...

Looking forward to seeing you too Pat! I may get around to posting our menu for the special day, a little appetite wetting.