Monday, March 22, 2010

Afternoon at the Ice Park

Last week we had a nice family outing to the Fairbanks Ice Park. Every year we enjoy seeing all the ice carvings. As the children are getting bigger and sturdier I can see us visiting more often and spending more time especially on the slides.

Here are some impressively fast and long ice slides. They work best with sleds which most locals with children know to bring already. Noah tried going down once on his bottom and that worked as well, just slower. Note, keep hands and feet in the sled - you wouldn't want to get snagged at such high speeds. Wider individuals or sleds may not fit in the chute. We all went down several times and had lots of fun. Noah would have sled down this hill all day if we'd let him.

There is an extensive children's ice playground with a large maze, slides for all ages, tunnels to crawl through as Noah is doing here, and ice spinny baskets that kids can climb into and spin around in.

There were so many ice carvings divided into single and multi block carvings. We didn't even see them all as Avery fell asleep on my back and we'd been outside (twenties in the sun) for a few hours.



Woody said...

Wow...too cool!

Farmgirl said...

What an awesome place for family fun. And so beautiful!

Laura said...

Time with family is so precious! It looks like you had a good time.