Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More of the kids and sick chicken

Here are a few more pictures from the last couple days. Here Noah and Avery are eating homemade fruit leather (their favorite snack, sugar sugar). They just finished drinking some carrot juice, but Avery dumped most of hers on her lap and got cleaned up. Noah's mustache is hiding behind his snack, but you can see it in the picture below. Dustin recently brought home a couple pop up tents, the kids love them. They stay up better than blankets draped over chairs. 


We had dinner out at my folks this past weekend. Here are the kids with their new and first cousin Aidan, three months old. I took a ton of pictures and someone was always a moving blur. But here they are, the first of many cousin pictures to come.

We got outside to play today. It was pretty chilly, about zero, but the sun was shining. We checked on the chickens, gathered eggs, sled down the hill and cleared snow off the back porch before heading inside to pull bread out of the oven and eat some warm cinnamon rolls.

Healthy and happy chickens in the sun. They were in most of the day. I waited till the afternoon sun was full strength before letting them outdoors for some sprouts and kombucha tea.

And here is sick chicken. She has been more active over the last twenty four hours than all week, and yet it feels kinda like her last hurrah and not like she is truly better. She hasn't been touching any food for days so I've got wheat grass sprouts and molasses in her water. I've been feeding her with a dropper to get nutrients in her. After talking to a friend last night, we moved the chicken to behind the wood-stove so she would be warmer. She got real active and wanted out of her box so she has been hanging out around the wood-stove all day, making noises when the kids get too rowdy or close.

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