Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still kicken it

 Here is my Welsummer pullet that hasn't been feeling quite right. She hasn't died, but she is still not well. I put her back in with the chickens after she perked up inside. I thought she'd jump out of her box at night and start wandering around so I brought a kennel in for the night. When she was moving around the next day I put her back in with the other birds. I've been dipping her beak in water with garlic and herbs and she has been getting some of it down. When I enter the coop she has been resting in the nesting boxes. Once I start paying attention to her she runs outside and mingles, but there are a couple hens picking on her. I've seen her eating. She is obviously uncomfortable, all hunched up with she isn't moving, and I've seen her falter while walking. She feels light. Does not have the runs. Hasn't laid an egg. Egg bound??? Not broody I don't think. If she was she would put up more of a fuss when I went to pick her up or touch her, and she doesn't have that broody attitude. Something is wrong. Still alive is a good sign.

"What do you want now?"

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