Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goat Kids

 The herd. If you look closely you can see Noah and Dustin down in the woods putting up woven mesh fencing on the outside of the electric strands. Four strands of electric have kept the does in since we moved them down last fall, but the kids are able to sneak under the bottom rung and with how unlevel our ground is we decided to go ahead and put the woven mesh up.

Noah building ramps and toys for the kids out of firewood that was below the doe pen - gradually working its way towards the house.

Xanadu and her daughter Avalon

Asia, Xoe's daughter. She is black and tan with a white back left sock. Avalon's markings are more silver or gray than brown, tan or white - and she has a few silver spots on her face.

One of Xoe's two bucks

One of Rose's three bucks

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gotomakan said...

That last picture of Avery is the CUTEST!!!