Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Goat Kid Pictures


Xanadu's son, available for sale as a pet, companion animal, brush clearer, pack animal or as an intact buck for breeding purposes.

Rose's light red son, also available for sale as a buck or pet. Out of our six bucklings we have, two are reserved for summer brush clearers and meat purposes. We have three that we feel would make quality breeding bucks. I wouldn't try to sell two as bucks because their mother's udder is not as attractive or hold the volume as our other two senior does have. We also have one runt that we fed with a drenching syringe for a couple days, and is just weaker than he should be.


Twila said...

The goat kids are really growing fast!!! Love the pictures!!

gotomakan said...

Do the bucks for sale have names? Or do you let the new owners name them?


Emily said...

Grace, we have not named any boys. If someone were to want a registered buck from breeding we would would give them some parameters for their goats name. The name begins with our farm name, it needs to begin with the letter A. Finally we would like the names to have something to do with their dams. Example for Roses son, Wild Roots Ash (Ash tree - botanical name), For Xanadu's son maybe Amazon, or even better a mythical place name. My rhubabarb finally came up. Take care, Em