Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day updates

This morning I am feeling oh so thankful for my father, husband and brother, a new father as well. I am blessed to be surrounded by strong, thoughtful, compassionate and loving men who provide for their family, know themselves and stand up for their beliefs.

This morning we awoke to rain. One less chore for the day, won't need to water the garden. However, when I heard rain this morning I realized in the clear beauty of the night I didn't think to cover the hay pile. Good news is that there is only a couple meals worth of hay for the goats and most likely just the top couple inches are wet. Bad news, part of the pile was Alfalfa ($40./ 80lb.), good news, there were just a couple flakes left.

In the garden, the peas and squash are flowering. The tomatoes are beginning to set fruit. Everything is taking off. We'll certainly have knee high corn by the fourth of July. We are making some new beds this week to plant more greens, kale and radishes. We had a few casualties this week. A doe got into the garden and ate a dozen cauliflower plants, ate the tops of some peas and pulled some out and trampled through the carrots, all in the space of a few minutes. Fortunately, Becca caught her shortly after she'd escaped. I was pretty bummed about the Cauliflower, most of them she just ate the tops off but they are still planted. Maybe they'll grow back. Luckily I planted a few rogue Cauliflower plants in different places throughout the garden, so I've got some Graffiti growing down with the Broccoli Romanesco, and a few white or cheddar heads in with some red cabbage.

Well, I'm off to cook my husband his favorite breakfast; bacon, fried eggs, toast and coffee. I am truly blessed and thankful for the wonderful men in my life!

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