Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Pictures of Summer Kids

Noah and Avery snacking on one of our very favorites, steamed Edamame with soy sauce. I was hoping to grow some this summer, but I lost the seeds, dangit!

Noah has been known to take off up the trail wearing nothing, underwear and boots or just a t-shirt. As long as the mosquitos aren't out I don't mind. Usually I try to push the shoes and shorts. We've got wild roses and raspberries everywhere. This picture is from a couple weeks ago. Now the banks are lush with growth. Noah's legs are black and blue with scrapes, scratches and bug bites.

Oh my, did mom really just set the ice cream maker down for us to scrape out right before dinner time? Kids in heaven. Goat milk ice-cream - infused with vanilla beans and wild blueberry jam stirred in.

Ducks. Saxony front left, Peking front middle, Welsh Harlequin Right, black runner in center back. Duck post coming soon.

                                                                        In the garden.

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