Monday, June 28, 2010

Random June Photos

First harvest picture of the summer: these were the first of the radishes, pulled and eaten a couple weeks ago  Since then we've also pulled baby beets and turnips, radish to eggs in size, I was too excited to eat them to pause and find the camera. The first turnips to bulb up were a red turnip and white globe or oasis? I'll have to check. We grew at least five different types of turnips this year, and a few types of rutabagas. Neither are our favorite vegetable, but they do well here and store well, so we are determined to like them. I sliced the first red and white turnips thinly and sprinkled them with rice vinegar, sugar and fresh mint. We had them along with some grilled halibut and corn salad.

We've been behind on leaf lettuce, biggest mistake yet this gardening season. We have plenty of beet, turnip and radish greens. I've also been harvesting spinach, swiss chard, corn salad, arugula and mustard greens. The leaf lettuce should be able to keep up soon. In the next week we should be eating the first peas, zucchini, napa cabbage and do I dare say- hope, for broccoli?

Me and the girls...the girls and I...Avalon and Asia,
photos by Noah.

We have sold four bucklings as wethers. The last two are also going as pets this week. Roses son, above, along with his brother are the last to go.

Zanzibar, one of our bucks..I just love his markings. I need to get some nice photos of the boys before they go into rut in the next couple months.

Above, Xanadu's son on the right, seemed to be the most mature as far as acting bucky with the girls. He is now a wether and has gone to a great home, (some good friends of ours) along with one of Rose's sons.

More cream, raw goat milk cream, mmm.

Breakfast Popcake, one of our favorites, think popover-dutch baby, almost custardy and melt in your mouth in the middle, light, airy and crispy on the sides. Recipe is so simple, I've shared it before but here it is again. This is for one serving, make individuals or in the case above, I multiplied by three for the three of us. Heat pan in 425 degree oven with 2-4TB of butter per serving. Whisk 1 one egg, add 1/4 C. flour, 1/4 tsp salt and whisk. Then add 1/4 C milk Scrape mixture into hot pan, once butter is melted and lightly browned. Bake till puffy and golden brown allover, 13-20 minutes or so. Serve with homemade jam or fresh fruit and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Eat immediately.

Freshly ground Azure Standard Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat. Did I mention that we have not bought a loaf of bread at the store in over three months. I've also been making most of our own hamburger and hot dog buns, along with rolls, some crackers, pizza crust, pita, naan, and all the other usual baked goods using mostly fresh ground wheat flour.

Lavender Cattleya cross blooming. This orchid bloomed the same time last year. Here are the first two blooms, now there are three. They last for a few weeks. When it blooms I set it in my kitchen window so I can feast my eyes on it.


Ginger said...

I tried pickling radishes on Friday, I'll use your recipe next time because an overnight bath in rice wine vinegar and sugar did more than smell up the fridge--it was wayy too strong!! My radishes were too hot so I wanted to see if I could reduce the flame...

Emily said...

Ginger, slicing them as thin as possible or even shredding them for a salad might help with the heat. Also, braising radishes in butter until golden brown and then adding a cooking liquid, water,chicken stock and cooking till tender gives you sweet mellow radishes, add greens at the end or raisins. Or cook in garlic and onions.

Aubrey said...

What a handy coincidence, I've been meaning to look for some radish ideas. We too grow them because they grow so darn well (!) , but we don't really like them. I do love the greens, though! I have a pile of radishes sitting on my counter right now that I was unsure what to do with.

That looks familiar- I too order organic hard red winter wheat from Azure, & grind it in my Nutrimill. :)

That picture of you & the goats is really cute. :)

Ginger said...

YUM, you do NOT need to tell me to use butter twice!!