Sunday, September 5, 2010

Advertisement ; Chickens for Sale

 Layers and one Cock for sale, $10 each

We've got eight one and a half year old layers for sale and a couple two year olds. They are black and red sexlinks and still laying fairly well. The pullets have started laying and we don't have room for them all. Ten dollars each. We've also have a nice Brahma Rooster who needs a good home, he'd love to accompany the hens. We will go ahead and eat the birds if we don't sell them, but it seems a shame to since the layers are still doing well. The rooster is very gentle and well behaved, but we don't have any Brahma hens any more and the Ameraucana rooster picks on him. So...if you live in the area and want some nice layers email me or leave a comment.

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