Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harvest pictures

Just the beginning of the tomato harvesting.
My small little winter squash harvest, not the easiest crop here, but I keep trying.

 I mostly grow Bountiful and Provider bush green beans which you can't beat for early producers. This year I also grew a flat romano green bean, a yellow pole bean, Royalty purple pod and pictured here Dragon Langerie - I think that is how it is spelled. The later two varieties are just now getting going, whereas the heavy producers are finished.

Yukon chief, looks like a few ears are about ready to eat.

This is our power line trail that we cleared last year and experimentally seeded with various cover crops this spring. Given that the ground is dense, rocky and lacking in nutrients and organic matter, I wasn't surprised to see some things not do well at all; field peas, alfalfa and fodder beets. I was most impressed by the fodder turnips, pictured above. I've got two five gallon buckets so far and a lot more than that to still pull. They range from golf balls to grapefruits in size. I'm not sure what to do with them exactly. We grew several  varieties in the garden for eating that we've stored for ourselves. I was planning on shredding the fodder turnips to supplement the goats and chickens diet this winter, we'll see if I ever get around to the shredding. I'm pretty sure that neither the goats or chickens will eat them unless they are in smaller pieces. The rape and clover have also taken off fairly well.

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