Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Avery's turns two today

Today is Avery's birthday. She is two years old. She is still more or less oblivious to birthdays and what goes along with them. So it is more of a special day for Dustin and I. The day outside is very much like the morning Avery was born; September blue sky, Birch trees swathed in gold, leaves dotting the ground, the air crisp and cool, almost frosty. I remember her birth and the hours before and after with clarity and I hope I always do. I was only in labor for a few hours. The house was cold so Dustin started a wood fire and lit candles all over the house. My mom came and picked up Noah to take him home with her. The house was peaceful and still, the woodstove crackling, and I knew this labor was going to be so much easier than my first.

By the time the midwives showed up I'd already almost had an urge to push, Dustin was worried that we'd called them to late, to which I replied, "don't worry, it'll be fine, I know what to do". Ha. I was only in intense labor for a brief time before I climbed into the tub and pushed Avery out. It was a good thing the midwives were here because she was pretty blue and I thought, how nice, she's not making a bunch or racket, but that is because she hadn't breathed yet. We got out of the tub and layed down on a makeshift bed in the living room.I just layed on the bed with a naked Avery on my bare chest. Eventually she scooched herself up and started bopping around to nurse.

Dustin wanted to watch football and I thought the TV was too noisy for a new baby. He made the midwives and I breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast. We laid around all day, just staring at her and enjoying being in our own home with our new baby.

These days Avery is always on the go. She loves to go for walks. She has spent her summer eating peas and cherry tomatoes out of the garden, helping collect eggs and playing in the dirt. Just recently she has gotten into helping in the kitchen. She insists on stirring anything that needs stirred. She also insists on using the big potty, not her little potties. She speaks in full sentences, although strangers would have a hard time deciphering her toddler pronounciations.

Today the kids and I are going to make cupcakes with frosting. Yesterday we crystalized calendula petals and violets for decorating the cupcakes with. We are also making homemade goat milk ice-cream. When Avery naps, Noah and I are going to wrap presents and make a card. We got her some new boots, mittens and some swim suits for our winter vacation, and she just likes to dress up in things. We got some new art supplies and she is getting a trike from her grandparents. We are having my folks and brother and sister-in-law up for dinner tonight. A simple night with family, and it is a good thing because I've been preoccupied with pig and have gotten behind on house work.

I'm feeling so blessed to have a healthy son and daughter, what more could a mom ask for?


Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

Congratulations on such a beautiful little girl!

Aimee said...

what a great blog! We seem to be living a pretty similar lifestyle, except you are further along the path than I am. I also have dairy goats and make cheese, and have also raised the odd pig, but sausage making is still very much in the future! I really enjoy reading your adventures