Friday, April 15, 2011

Meeting the new goat kids

Avery and new wobbly doeling.

doeling in front, brothers in back.

Flashy buckling left side.

Right side.

Can we keep her mom?

Can we keep her mom?


Jewel said...

Yeah for you all, wow they're all beautiful, with nice markings. The doeling is too cute!!
Nice to see you're starting your milk share program, good luck :)
Congrats on the babies!

Denise said...

That flashy buckling is really nice! So are you going to keep the doeling?! ;-)

Emily said...

Denise, I think shes a keeper. We've been waiting for some different looking kids- not black and tan:)- for a while now. Her conformation isn't much now, but she is so tiny she just needs to grow. Emily