Saturday, April 16, 2011

A week of spring fun

While it is still mostly white out, the days are getting nicer, slowly but surely. This week we had a kid party with games, a treasure hunt and cake. We had family up on Noah's Bday for presents, clams, fried halibut, oven fries and milkshakes. Yesterday it was warm enough (fifties maybe) on the south porch, the kids were running around barefoot playing in the water that dripped off the roof. At some point they got wet and cold enough that they put on clothes, boots and rain gear, pulled their hoods up and continued.

                                                             Dividing up the treasure.

                                                           Kids making their own pizzas.

This weekend = goat meeting, bee class, lots of goat visiting/still helping new babies nurse, maybe kids in rain gear at the playground, hopefully starting cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and 4-6wk flowers, and have I mentioned that D has been tiling the milking area - grouting this weekend. Getting busy around here.


Buttons said...

Emily Yes you sound like you are getting very busy, I know the feeling. Your family looks like they had great fun. Have fun in class and getting the goats to nurse.Yeah Spring. B

Daniella Vasquez said...

What breed of goats do you have? I live in Fairbanks off chena hot springs road and am looking at purchasing a pair of milk goats