Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring week in pictures

It rained this afternoon for the first time this year. The snow is slowly receding. I'm flirting with the idea of starting cucumbers and squash today - although it is a bit early. I am soaking nasturtiums and sweet peas, which I usually direct seed, but I want them to have an earlier start this year. I've got lettuce seeds in my jacket pocket waiting for an opportunity to make it up to the garden. I've got a cold frame ready for planting.

I brined and smoked a ham from our pig we helped butcher last fall. I smeared the ham with maple sugar and sea salt before smoking. Then finished it smothered in marmalade before serving. It was divine. We've been eating ham and fried egg sandwiches on brioche toast. A pot of split pea soup is bubbling away on the range.

I'm expecting goslings and ducklings today or tomorrow. Haven't yet set up their spot, but I do know where everything is at- which is something. I am getting a little overwhelmed with everything that we can almost do - but frustratingly can't quite start on yet. I guess it is time to keep on top of house chores and stock pile some meals while I can still stand to be indoors.

Happy spring everyone!


Buttons said...

Emily I too look forward to spending most days outside and to busy to come in. Love you photos. Good luck with all the work. I look forward to seeing your progress. B

Limette said...

I cured a ham for Easter and it was fantastic. We don't have a smoker yet, it's on the list.