Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bathroom tiling project

As of yesterday Avery started scooching, (army crawling) around the house faster than I can keep up with her. I just set her in her play area, surrounded by safe baby toys. She wants nothing to do with them and has crawled to the other side of the living room and is under the coffee table harassing the dog and playing with her brother's toys on the floor. I think we'll be doing some more baby proofing today, in addition to bringing in some baby gates that have been outside since Noah was old enough to stay away from the woodstove.

Other exciting news; the tiling is all done in the bathroom shower and around the tub. Over the next couple days the guys will be grouting and sealing and we should be able to shower in the bathroom by Saturday. Before we move all our stuff back into the bathroom we are going to try and finish the walls. Dustin will be mudding, sanding and painting in addition to building some walls, shelves and installing some light fixtures. We might actually have one room in the house completely finished.

Yesterday Noah and I designed the last branch of the tree, and set a few tiles. These photos are from the last few days so there is still some red showing, but not any more. There are two trees, one main tree on the shower wall that bends over and stretches out a couple limbs on the window wall above a bench. Above the bathtub is a smaller tree that frames the wall. There are 12" tiles on the bathroom floor, 2" tiles for the shower pan, 6" on the wall and 1" in the window, all slate. The tree is a mosaic pattern made out of Travertine, which is also a natural stone; formed when sand compresses together over a long period of time.

We have other trees in our house as well. In the center of our house we have a large spruce that is a support, our island wraps around a side of it. Upstairs we have a couple more small spruce in the opening of our loft which looks down on the rest of the house. Someday there may be a railing that connects to them.

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