Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreaming of Summer

I can proudly say that I am still enjoying the slow pace of winter and have not jumped the gun on anything, such as starting seeds to early, (as I often do). My kids can take all the credit, its really not intentional. I've just been preoccupied with keeping everyone fed and such. We are still in the middle of our tiling project, and we have had so much snow and blowing drifts that Dustin has spent a few hours every day this last week snow blowing the driveway. In fact we couldn't even get the truck up to our house for a few days and had to park at the bottom of our quarter mile up hill driveway. Coincidentally I didn't have the urge to leave the house for several days.

Well, as of today I got an email from a friend wanting to know if I wanted to order some nice Americana and Welsummer chicks along with her. The Welsummer's lay just beautiful dark brown eggs, some with dark spots on them. The other day another friend called and is trying to talk me into ordering a doeling with her, cause she wants to order one but not two, and it costs the same amount to ship two. Anyway it doesn't take much to get me looking at goat kids from different farms... and next you know it I'm emailing and asking questions about pricing and such.

I got out tonight and took all five of our does out for a walk just as the sun was setting. The pathways around the place were still unshoveled with foot holes here and there, so without shoveling I got the girls to help widen and level the pathways. It was good to see them out and moving. I should be exercising them more often, now that their pen has gotten so deep all at once they aren't venturing out away from the feeders much. Two of the girls are due to kid in just four or five weeks. So far kidding season has seemed so far away, but its coming up fast. So here are a couple of kid pics from last spring to hold us over till 2009 babies are here.

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