Sunday, March 22, 2009

Noah's new playroom

Here are some pictures of Noah's new play room. I took these a couple days ago, right after all the tiles had been washed and sealed. So it was the first time all the dust and dirt had been cleaned up and the beauty of all the tiles was revealed. The picture on the left shows the tree nicely. In the picture beside it you can see the tree that frames the wall above the bathtub. Noah can't wait to take a bath in the tub. Actually we are all eager to be able to bathe and shower in our house again. Tyson is still working on grouting the whole bathroom and then I believe it has to sealed once more. The ceiling still needs to be painted. We are so excited about how it is all turning out. When it is all said and done we might stick one of the kids in here to sleep. Sounds like I'm kidding, but it is tempting. Avery has been crying a lot at night and I haven't been sleeping very well. If she is in a room with some background noise, we'd probably both sleep better.

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TriciaB said...

Those trees are sooooo cool. It all looks amazing. Can't wait to come see it!