Thursday, March 5, 2009

O.K. so I was just recently commenting on how I was still enjoying the beauty of the snowfalls and it being March now. Well, I am now home and faced with the reality of how much work eight inches in a day is. It took me twice as long or longer to do farm chores this morning. We have gotten at least eight inches today and snow is forcasted over the next few days. Dustin spent the morning snow blowing the driveway. We have had the same hay hoophouse for three winters and it is on its last leg. It is going to collapse if it gets more than a few inches on it. I'm trying to get out there morning and night to shovel it but it is a lot of work. The hoop-house is about twelve by twenty four feet and the sides are piled high with a winter's worth of snow. I find it slightly ironic that we get so much snow after the cold spells are over, beings that we need and want the snow early in the winter to protect the perennials and such.

Well here is a picture of our newly finished granite tiled kitchen. We starte
d this project last spring but ran out of tile and money. So we finally ordered some more tile and our tile guy finished the job. We did not do the tiling ourselves; however, Dustin did build the surfaces and do all the rocking. His co-worker Tyson is doing all our tile work. We are very happy with his work. It's lovely Tyson, Thankyou. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom and entry.

The following is a picture of our sink and prep area, the trim, back-splash and window area were the final touches so desperately needed to finish off the kitchen.

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Hannah said...

Wow you live in Alaska? That must be cool! I saw your self sufficent post, and you might like my blog. It is

You can follow if you want. I love new followers! I raise chickens as well, but they are probably a little different than yours!

You have a beautiful kitchen! My dad is a carpenter too. It sounds like your husband is quite handy with stone. He did a great job on your sink!